A landscape image taken from the side of the road on a grassy verge. The camera looks up to the sun setting over a cloudy sky. A white van is parked on the curb.

Image © (Sudhanshu Mardikar)

All I remember from last year this time, out of the blue everything around us we knew as life stopped suddenly in a surreal fashion and before anyone could grasp what’s happening or rationalise it had already affected most of us!

The scale and magnitude of the pandemic ruining economy, lives and rhythm of life was unbelievable as everything just flaked off as the pandemic unleashed its wrath not just over Bristol but over the whole country and world.

What seemed impossible, improbable in a lifetime, actually happened right in front of me and that took its toll psychologically, I was stunned on being furloughed – it felt like a bad joke when it started, which turned worse over time and it was cruel enough to take so many lives at first faraway and then in the neighbourhood of people we knew, it was scary. The trauma is unfathomable!

Fear, uncertainty and helplessness still lingers – nothing’s the same as before but strangely, I feel transformed after this detention as I now plod more sustainable paths be it the environment or personal lifestyle.

Peace, love and respect for all!

Sudhanshu Mardikar